Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ripoff Report lists 1000's of false claims and accusations hurting 1000's of innocent people.

Use the link below to view Ripoff Report as a sleazy operation, who never checks for the anonymous complaints listed to hurt innocent companies, people, and families.

If you come across any such reports on a google search, know that the complaints on whomever you are checking on are lies.
Those writing the complaints do not even have to list their names, and can use false emails, and Ripoff Report does nothing to verify those listing complaints.

There are even many instances, note the link above, where Ripoff Report themselves lists a complaint, with a fake name and email address. Why would they do this?
Because they have a system where you can pay them thousands of dollars to remove the complaint, being an illegal form of extortion.

Be sure when you click on one of Ripoff Reports complaint links,
to scroll down to the bottom of that page to see comments from that person being falsely 
That is the only recourse at this time for all the innocent victims.

Know the real facts of Ripoff Report.
The only people being ripped off are the many innocent victims of false claims.

Use this link below to the Ripoff Report F rating with the Better Business Bureau. and is the same company as ripoff report, and those lists are also the same false accusations against innocent people.

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